Вадим Алешин (vakin) wrote,
Вадим Алешин

Эжен Анри Поль Гоген: Натюрморты

Продолжения 1, 2 и 3

Still Life with Onions, Beetroot and a Japanese Print

1878, Nature morte aux poissons, Still life in fish, Huile sur Toile, 46x55 cm

1881, L'Interieur du peintre rue Carcell, Huile sur Toile, 130x162 cm, Oslo, Nasjonalgalleriet

1881, Vase de Fleurs a la fenetre, Huile sur Toile, 19x27 cm, Rennes, Musee des Beaux-Arts

1886, Nature morte au profil de Charles Laval, Huile sur Toile, 46x38 cm, Collection Josefowitz

1888, Nature morte a la fete Gloanec, Huile sur Toile, 38x53 cm, Orleans, Musee des Beaux-Arts

1888, Nature morte aux fruits, Still life in the fruits, Huile sur Toile, 43x58 cm, Moscou, musee Pouchkine

1889, Le Jambon, The Ham Huile sur Toile, 50x58 cm, Washington, The Philipps Collection

1889, Nature morte a l'estampe japonaise, Huile sur Toile, 72,4x93,7 cm, Teheran, musee d'Art moderne

1889, Pommes, poires et pot Apples, pears and pot, Huile sur Toile, 28x36 cm, Harvard University, Art Museum

Apples and Bowl

Basket of Flowers

Dahlias and Mandolin

Dahlias in a Copper Vase

Daisies and Peonies in a Blue Vase.jpg

Evening Primroses in a Vase

Flowers and a Bird

Flowers and Carpet

Flower Piece

Flowers and Japanese Book

Flowers in a Fruit Bowl

Flowers of France

Fruit in a Bowl


Gauguin Still Life with Fan, 1889, oil on canvas, Musee d'Or

Still Life With Mangoes

Still Life With Three Puppies

Gauguin - Sunflowers - 1901

Red Hat

Still Life with Carafe and Ceramic Figure

Still Life with Cherries

Still Life with Horse's Head

Rowan Bouquet

Still Life with Oranges

Still Life with Teapot and Fruit

Sunflowers and Apples

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