January 16th, 2013


Художник Anton Arkhipov

Born and raised in Moscow, Anton Arkhipov descends from several generations of artists. His father, Mikhail Arkhipov, a well-known dissident artist, belonged to a group of artists of the rough style from the 1950’s-70. His mother, Tatiana Vtorova, an impressionist artist, descends from a famous dynasty of Russian artists, sculptors, and architects such as A. Benua, E. Lancere, Z. Serebryakova. Anton was brought up in an artistic environment where various schools and trends from Russian Realism of the 19th century to 20th century Avant-garde and Contemporary art were represented. Educated at the Surikov School of Fine Arts in Moscow, Arkhipov’s influences evolved from the Impressionist masters, particularly Van Gogh and Cezanne, Picasso to the Russian Avant-garde artists of the 1920’s and 30’s.

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Весь в белом

Офис в саду

Сегодня удаленная работа прямо из дома возможна благодаря интернету. Для тех, кто работает дома или хочет иметь тихое место для работы, компания «OfficePOD» предоставляет новое дополнительное место.

58 Офис в саду
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