December 14th, 2011


Китайский художник Hu Jun Di

Hu Jundi was born in 1962 in Juilin Province, China. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute in 1984. Hu’s work has been exhibited and collected in China and other Asian countries as well as in Europe and America.

His work is different from the oil paintings that we often see. His brilliance is in the harmonious blend of traditional Chinese brushwork with the unmatched depth of oils. His paintings are completely Chinese, with colors of the Sichuan environment. They are harmonious with incomplete borders. So when we first see these paintings, we feel the combination of the light, color and flow of the East, but the oils give them a more universal, lasting appeal. Hu is one of the first and very few Chinese painters that are able to brilliantly meld the two cultures together with complete integrity. Hu’s work is full of dense Chinese colors -- the lush atmosphere and Sichuan’s warm moisture are floating in the paintings — and this hooks the audience instantly to his canvas melodies.

He paints elegant, serene and beautiful Sichuan women. The attire is classical Sichuan Chinese, but there is an appeal that goes beyond. He does not use models. He paints the character in his mind, searching from a person in his life. He chooses the most wonderful moment in his mind and paints it. Catching a moment -- this is the Chinese painting skill. It is much more difficult to do it with oil paintings. It took years of patient trial and error, along with his immense talent, to achieve this mastery.

For more information, see Hu Jundi biography

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Хусто Галлего и его собор

Оригинал взят у balaschizzz в Justo Gallego aka Don Justo & El Loco

Хусто Галлего, также известный как Дон Хусто и Безумец – испанский архитектор-самоучка, посвятивший свою жизнь строительству собора.

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Трейлер фильма "Люди в черном 3"

В сети появился русскоязычный трейлер 3-ей части мегаблокбастера Люди в черном / Men in Black III. Как и в предыдущих двух, главные роли исполнили Уилл Смит (Will Smith) и Томми Ли Джонс (Tommy Lee Jones). Фильм снят в формате 3D. Премьера 24 мая 2012 г.

В этой части агент Джей узнает, что никакого защитного галактического щита, способного отразить иноземный удар, не существует. Агент Кей не построил его, потому что был убит в 1969 году. Агент Джей должен совершить путешествие во времени, чтобы спасти Землю и жизнь напарника.

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