Вадим Алешин (vakin) wrote,
Вадим Алешин

Карикатурист Vladymyr Lukash

Charles Chaplin
Charles CHAPLIN Caricature

Salvador Dali
Salvador DALI Caricature

William Butler Yeats
William Butler YEATS caricature

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred HITCHCOCK caricature

Karl Marx
Karl MARX caricature

Albert Einstein
Albert EINSTEIN caricature

Ernest Hemingway
Ernest HEMINGWAY caricature

Sigmund Freud
Sigmund FREUD caricature

Kurt Godel
Kurt GODEL caricature

PICASSO caricature

Igor Stravinsky
Igor STRAVINSKY caricature

Le Corbusier
Le CORBUSIER caricature

Источник - www.designsmag.com
Tags: Карикатуры, Ретро, Юмор
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